People are needed to achieve our goals, and everyone will be treated with respect, equal treatment and consideration to help them thrive and thrive.

Together, we will strive to always delight our customers.

We will strive to offer the most profitable products and processes that provide our customers with the most profitable business options.

We will continually seek and present innovative products and processes that provide cost savings and profit opportunities for our customers.

We believe communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. Thus, we will strive for simplification, clarity and conciseness of the flow.

We strive to continually improve all aspects of our business in order to positively impact our long-term goals.

We will always do what is right morally, ethically and legally.

We will always make sure that we present ourselves and our business in a professional manner, with care and courtesy.

As a company with experience in the field of flooring, we know how difficult it can sometimes be to make the right choice in relation to the right supplier. That’s why we always do our best to make a good impression and be the best at what we should do best: develop the perfect solution for each client.

We clearly define behavior that is directed at everyone who works for and on behalf of the company. Principles that apply and apply to directors, officers and employees, and that guide the way the Company operates over time.